Editorial Policy and Governance

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing a news service that is paywall-free for all, and that covers the news in Lebanon, the MENA region and beyond.

We aim to question, critique, and counter the narratives of the political establishment, and engage young audiences in the public debate, which, in turn, will foster accountability.

We aim to tell the stories of marginalized groups that are discriminated against and excluded from public discourse. 

Our Journalism

Our journalism provides complete, verified, and undistorted facts.

Megaphone is  a progressive organization, and our journalism does not shy away from upholding individual rights and social justice. 

In an increasingly illiberal environment where journalism is under attack, we strive to ensure transparency regarding our funding and ownership, while actively maintaining low staff visibility to guarantee the safety of our team.

We cover both the daily grind of the news and create in-depth dossiers to provide a wider perspective in the analysis of past events. Our news production process is inherently participatory and collaborative, reflecting the diversity of opinions in the newsroom.

Our editorial ethics/code

Megaphone’s funding does not dictate or influence its editorial policy, standards or coverage. Our independence is a key requirement from all our funders.

Megaphone abides by strict protocols of systematic fact-checking and cross-checking of sources to report the news accurately and responsibly.

Megaphone stands by the rights of individuals and communities of all races, ages, class, or gender against all forms of discrimination and injustice. 

Megaphone approaches the facts and narratives provided by those in power with the required skepticism, and strives to hold them accountable before the public.

Ownership and governance

Megaphone is published by: 

Glitch, a not-for-profit civil company
Megaphone's website is registered at the National Audiovisual Council of Lebanon (Number 115, registered on 13 September 2022)
Beirut, Lebanon
[email protected]

General Manager: Jean Kassir
Editor-in-Chief: Samer Frangie